Voccess is an interactive online program for career orientation that helps students aged 19-26 to build a career they love. Our educational system is based on proven teaching and coaching practices and is appealing – it is gamified and creates a culture people would love to be part of.

The system supports individuals in the 3 milestones of the successful career:
– determine their calling – a unique blend of natural dispositions, values, interests and talents
– find the best career choice/ path – set and achieve goals
– create a mindset that will lead them to success and teaches them all they need to know about building a great career

We offer a gamified learning process which gives the opportunity to the participants to track their progress and get rewards for every achievement which is an innovative approach in the field.

VOCCESS provides a unique step-by-step strategy to each student to create the vision about their professional development, to set goals and to build a plan how to achieve those goals. The methodology includes coaching methods, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) methods and curriculum design for career education. We bring together organizations from Italy, Turkey, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Spain.

We aim to share our knowledge, experience and audiences so that we can give the chance not only to students in the listed countries to take benefit from the interactive online program for career orientation but also as many as possible English speaking students outside the listed countries.

We aim to achieve measurable results in the following areas:
– Reducing unemployment
– Increasing levels of productivity of the students on their first job
– Increasing levels of self-awareness of the participants
– Training and certifying youth workers and educators in a new methodology and approach in the field of career orientation services.