Kick-off Meeting in Valencia, Spain

The project start meeting took place in Feb 2019 in Quart de Poblet, Valencia, at the headquarters of the Backslash association. Two representatives of each of the partner organizations of the project participated in it.

At the beginning of the meeting at the facilities of the youth department of the City Council of Quart de Poblet, we were received by Bartolomé Nofuentes, European projects councilor and provincial deputy of European projects, who welcomed us and offered to collaborate with the consortium to the achievement of the objectives of the project, which will be of great help when validating the intellectual results or disseminating the project.

The main objective of the meeting was to meet all the partners of the project, to face us and to know better the work that each one of us does in our respective countries. In addition to that, we were able to create a joint image of how cooperation will be carried out, distribution of tasks, creation of work procedures, the establishment of what collaboration tools we were going to use throughout the project, creation of the document repository of the project, etc.

We also dedicated the meeting to talk about how the project would be managed from an economic point of view, the payments that would be made to the partners and the signing of the agreements of each of the partners with the coordinator.

All the partners have a very similar vision of what we want to achieve with the project, and we believe that we will have very good cooperation during the two years of the project.

The participants signed the list of participants and distributed a certificate of attendance to the meeting to all of them.