IO2 – Educational Materials

The second Output produces the Guidelines about how to use the platform, how to use the profile, PDF educational readings for each module, Infographics and presentations for each module of the platform, video lessons and reflective activities and worksheets.

The methodology used to design the materials is Bloom’s taxonomy, the suggestopedia learning method, understanding by design, backwards
design and coaching and career guidance questioning activities and real life challenges.
The partners have also applied methods created based on their research.

The task leading to the creation of the educational materials are:
1. need research among target audience
2. elaboration of quality standards guideline
3. elaboration of initial content
4. beta tests of content
5. improvement of content
6. final design and editing of content
7. production of final educational materials : training videos, PDFs, worksheets and activities and reflective questionnaires along with the profiling tool.