IO1- Innovative Methodology for Career Education

Step-by-step methodology that includes gamified interactive learning process, creation of an online platform that reduces the necessity to have career orientation consultant and thus way helps much more students to have career orientation guidance at a time and represents a complex, profound approach for analysis and processing of such type of information.

The methods used to produce the output are understanding by design approach to educational design, backwards design, gamified learning and
transformational coaching reflective activities. The methodology has been developed based on needs research and beta testing to ensure sustainable
high-quality results.

The tasks leading to the creation of the methodology are:
1. Extensive needs research among young people
2. an outline of methodology and philosophy of the program
3. design of the outline for each educational element
4. examination and evaluation against quality standards
5. beta testing with users and getting feedback
6. improvement recommendations and improvement of methodology
7. final creation and consultation with experts