3rd Partners’ Meeting (Aydin)

The third transnational meeting of the project Voccess Online took place in Aydın, Turkey from 19-20th October 2019 where partners met to evaluate their up-to-now progress and set milestones until the next project meeting.

The first day of the meeting was focused on Intellectual Output 2: Learning Course Pack. Project partners were invited to give an overview of what they aim to produce for this output. Each partner had the opportunity to discuss further their progress on their respective resource pack, whilst getting
feedback from the rest of the partners.

The second day of this transnational meeting was mainly focused on Intellectual Output 3: Profiling system. This output will be developed by the CEFE Macedonia.All the partners discussed on the topic to contribute the responsible partner.

Dissemination and evaluation stages also discussed during the sessions. And the administrative issues such as budget and reporting included in the meeting.